Swim'Duino is a personal swim timer and wireless touchpad system. Swimmers looking for a more professional timing system and portable touchpad will find the Swim'Duino perfect for daily practice.


The Swim'Duino is build around an AdaFruit Feather and a 1.2", four-digit, seven-segment display.

Standard start / stop and pause / reset stopwach functions are provided and state is maintained using a Finite State Machine.

The Swim'Duino listens for "touches" over a standard voice, data line.



This is the cool part...

The Swim'Duino Touchpad is a sandwich of waterproofing material, conductive fabric, and resistive fabric. Velostat© is a resistive material with an interesting property: when pressed, resistance between the conductive fabric drops; a lot.

The touchpad communicates with the timer over a standard voice, data line.



Catherine and Emmett White

Catherine and Emmett first showed off an early prototype Swim'Duino at the Westport Mini Maker Faire in April, 2016 and again at the NYC World Maker Faire in October, 2016 where they won an Editor's Choice Award.

Catherine is in 9th Grade at Laurelton Hall and is responsible for the physical design, timer container construction, touchpad construction, and testing.

Emmett is in 5th Grade at Middlebrook Elementary School and is responsible for the electrical design, soldering, final assembly, and testing.